Cat-sitting in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, we pretended to be locals: we stayed at Derek’s house, hung out with his cats, and biked around lots with Vanessa! Our adventures included a meditation nightclub (with a secret basement dance floor), the pride parade, and randomly learning how to bee-keep. Only in Amsterdam…

Pride after parties on the canal
Amsterdam’s pride parade up close
Pride with Vanessa! Thanks again for having us!
Amsterdam dance party!
Cat sitting.. nothing is better than a fuzzy cat that wants to sit in your lap
Amsterdam is supposed to be a biking mecca. For me, it wasn’t actually as stress free as I thought it might be, mostly because of the crazy volume of other bikes and pedestrians/tourists around (also we were often lost!). However, riding around amazingly feels so seamless and safe – it’s the first time I’ve experienced roads designed for both bikes and cars. In Toronto, you’re always aware that bike lanes are just roughly overlay-ed onto car roads; for example, making a left turn never feels quite right. The Dutch system of dedicated lanes and dedicated signals is pretty amazing.
Many canals, many bikes


Bikes everywhere
Biking in Haarlam
Jopenkirk brewery in Haarlem
Dave contemplating the behavioural patterns of his bee-hive

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  1. Woo I made it onto the blog, I’m so honoured! It was so great to be able to show you everything Amsterdam has to offer.

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