Packing & Planning

Packing Light

For a 7 month trip, we both packed a carry-on sized luggage and day-sized backpack.

The good thing about packing light is that we were forced to not buy a lot of things in prep for our trip, so we ended up spending very little money up front. Here are two essential and inexpensive items that we ended up buying and that I would recommend:

  1. 12L PacSafe ($100 CAD) – a portable safe that will lock to something solid. The inside has metal mesh to prevent thieves from cutting into the safe. It is very lightweight and though it was moderately expensive (at ~$100 CAD), it is worth buying for the peace of mind. We are able to fit 2 laptops, a camera, GoPro, passports and important documents into one 12L PacSafe. 
  2. MEC Packing Cubes ($30 CAD) – these are like mini drawers that go into your suitcase. They were super cheap, and I would not go anywhere without them.

I was able to pack:

  • 3 t-shirts, 3 cardigans, 6 tank tops
  • 3 dresses (all solid colours), 2 skirts
  • 1 full-length leggings, 2 capri length leggings, 1 pair of light weight pants, 4 shorts
  • Toiletry bag with essentials (shampoo and conditioner, moisturizer, sunscreen etc)
  • A few accessories (I picked things that would be versatile and that I wouldn’t mind losing!)
  • 2 scarves, 3 hats
  • 1 pair of running shoes, sandals and flip flops
  • Electronics: laptop (I bought one used – the best travel laptop is one you can afford to lose!), cellphone, camera, GoPro
  • For reading: my mandarin lessons and kobo

Health is important when travelling!

Here are a few basic but key health-related tips that helped us gear up for our trip:

  1. Vaccinations – you’ll need to have a pretty good idea of your itinerary. Two good places to go in Toronto are:
    • Passport Health
    • Sherbourne (low admin fees) – note they do not have yellowfever vaccine as it is in short supply in Toronto, so I also had to go to Passport Health for this
  2. Health insurance – we went with WorldNomad for insurance. When comparing with other providers including insurance offered by our credit cards, WorldNomad had signicantly better coverage and the best rate overall.

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