Remembering Vimy Ridge

On our way to the Champagne region, we made an important stop to a place that we had heard so much about growing up in Canada – Vimy Ridge. This was where Canadians troops successfully battled against the German army to finally capture Vimy Ridge during WWI (1917).

There were a handful of other Canadians when we got there, many sporting various forms of Canada and maple leaf paraphernalia. It was somewhat comforting to see signs of home, but at the same time the monument was so powerful that most of the time we just stood there in awe.

Then we had a strange conversation between ourselves. Did we have the right to feel proud, because of what Canadians generations ago did? Both Ian and I are Canadians, but our parents came to our sweet homeland by immigrating here, after WWI was already fought. It was a complicated question, but in the end I felt that the most obvious emotion was to feel grateful and lucky!

There a lot to see at the Vimy exhibition.. the monument, trenches, a museum. You can check out more information here.

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