Safari’ing in the Masai Mara

A bumpy 5-hour ride from Nairobi in the southwest of Kenya, the Masai Mara borders Tanzania and is most famous for its lions, leopards, rhinos, cape buffalo and elephants. The Mara is their playground and visiting this land, you can see the rules of nature surround you. Predators and prey live in close quarters, eating, constantly on the watch and strategizing for their next kill.

We stayed in Ol Moran’s tented camp near the Ololaimutiek Gate for a 3 day game drive experience. A Maribu Stork lives in front of our tent, and electricity and hot water is available for a few hours a day. The darkness of the camp in the evening makes it an¬†astounding spot to look up at the stars. It’s completely perfect.

As you drive around, you can bear the constant buzz of all of the safari guides connecting with each other over their walkie talkies to share information on what’s been spotted in the Mara and where. There are no markings or coordinates over the 1,500 square km land – just natural features that the guides all seem to know by heart.

Within an arms-length distances, lions mate, hunt, feed, play and sleep. Hyenas chase wildebeest and cause a frenzy. Families of elephants are constantly on the move, so sure footed and calm but are clearly not to be messed with. We know we are just guests here, and are grateful that the forces of nature tolerated our presence in this fiercely competitive wildlife sanctuary.

Photocredits: theianchow


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